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The idea behind this project came just like any other art idea from itself. I am a person who finds the beauty and uniqueness in the different. In this particular case, I would like to say that I like dishes, foods, ingredients with different names, which are not typical of the prevailing cuisine. I like a clean and healthy relationship with the food, because it is extremely important.

I decided to create this website (with huge support from Endverse) with the idea of writing a variety of vegan recipes. It will give you the impression that sometimes they are different (ingredient selection and preparation), but this is because I have broken these ideas through my prism, through my eyes (the way I see them). The choice of recipes as well as their description and photography are completely individual. I want to try new, different and sometimes very familiar recipes and of course, I will start with the basics, because you got the start from somewhere. In the beginning, I will lay down the basics that will help you get acquainted with this colorful and extremely interesting world of the healthy side of vegan cuisine, as seen through my eyes. Over time I will get more experience and you will see the tireless development on this site, as well as more appetizing recipes and even more interesting photography.

In addition to the recipes, I will provide you with information on the various ingredients. I will introduce you to various things that are common in our daily lives and ones that you probably have not heard of. I will inform you (as far as I can) of their benefits and harms (if there are any), what beneficial properties they possess and overall their wealth.

What you will observe is a website with interesting design, atypical content displayed in an attractive way. That is how I see the culinary world, or at least the one that is close to me. Relax and enjoy this different creation called Tasty Blossom, created solely with the combination of love and a smile.

I will be glad if you take a look the variety of articles and recipes. To share your opinion, and your honest assessment.

Thank you!