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11.12.2019   |     0

Mm, apricots. This little cute summer fruit is said to come from the beautiful and warm Armenia. Europeans has taste it around the 1st century, but very little is known about it. Over the following centuries, it expanded its journey and reached other parts in the world, America, Australia.


Apricots are small to medium sized yellow-orange fruit that grows in the summer between June and August. This makes it a great addition to a summer fresh fruit salad, a morning bowl of oatmeal, or to a smoothie.

What does the apricot fruit contain?

Apricots, especially those that are well ripe, are high in sugars, vitamins and minerals. (Hmm, that makes them even more appetizing) They contain vitamin A, which is good for the eyes, rich in vitamin C, which we all know is very important. Apricots are good for the skin as well as for the bones because of the presence of calcium. Healthy heart – we all want that – daily dose of the beneficial properties of this fruit help the heart and protect it from various diseases. However, this does not mean that once you eat apricots every day you will have a healthy heart forever.

Apricot fruits

Apricot fruits are rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants are a group of substances that play an important role in the human body. They fall into it due to their presence in different foods, for example – this one (apricot). They destroy free radicals in the body like heavy metals, toxins that threaten the body from disease. Antioxidants improve the body and the immune system. Apricots are wonderful!


Those tasty little fruits are also rich in fiber. Oh, fiber. They are extremely important for everyone. Thanks to the fiber, the digestive system is healthy and happy.
One tip: Don’t overdo the fiber. If that happens – drink more water to process it.

Apricots can be consumed as fresh fruit, her nut can be used, jam, nectar, puree or whatever comes to mind. Put this fruit in your menu and consume with love!


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