Hummus – delicious charm

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22.10.2019   |     0
Hummus - delicious charm
Home-made Hummus

Yeah, hummus. Everyone has heard of it. Well, anyone who switches to plant based diet, vegan, vegetarian or anyone who likes to eat healthy or to experiment with new different flavors. Hummus comes from the Middle East kitchen (they say 13th century, Egypt) and occupies an important part in the culinary culture. Yes, this thick mixture of light color and interesting name is gaining popularity in the modern world. Many countries and regions have their own different method of preparing this unique dish. For example, the Turkish version is with butter, while in Jordan the tahini is replaced with yogurt. In some countries, they eat it while it’s hot while in others people wait for it to cool down.

What can you combine Hummus with?

If you are wondering what to spread your morning slice of bread, or want to add a new and different dip to your family lunch, or want to eat foods rich in beneficial properties and substances, just try hummus. You can also add it to salad, falafel sauce, or eat it with whole grains / chips. You can add it to your baked or fried potatoes. It may sound like an ad, but it is worth it. Why? Let’s see!

The content of this delicious product is made up (original recipe) of chickpeas, tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, salt to taste. The sum of these ingredients creates this fascinating product. Especially interesting is the result between mixing these two flavors, tahini and chickpeas. Ah, it is amazing!

Hummus - delicious charm
Home-made Hummus

The combination of the two main ingredients in the original recipe is quite charming, although each ingredient is extremely important and carries a lot for the end result. It is a very interesting and beautiful process when mixing chickpeas with tahini. This is the moment of all magic.

What is the hummus good for?

Let us start from here that hummus is extremely rich – in fiber.Yes, those are the fibers that make us feel full and we can lose some unwanted pound, instead of the difficult and exhausting diets.

Proteins – yes, there are proteins in the hummus, mainly coming from chickpeas. This makes it a great tool for healthy eating (especially in training).

Humus is rich in Vitamin B complex, Vit B1, Vit B2, Vit C, Vit E, Vit K, minerals, manganese, zinc, magnesium, copper, iron, potassium, calcium, retinol (good for the skin). Hummus is low in fat and low in calories – whole 177kcal per 100 grams when is cooked homemade. If you buy it from the store, the manufacturer must added the nutritional composition to the package.

Besides being very tasty and quite useful, it helps for digestion (fiber), maintains bone health (iron), good for the skin (vitamins). It protects the heart and increases energy (complex carbohydrates that are digested slowly by the body). It also lowers blood sugar levels, reduces the risk of developing some types of cancers because of its presence of folic acid, which is good to consume in moderation. It also helps to eliminate uric acid and prevents anemia (iron). The delicious charm, which I call hummus also, lowers cholesterol.

The chickpeas contains isoflavones, which are antioxidants. They help reduce the so-called bad cholesterol. Insulin stabilization is observed with regular use. The liver releases more cholesterol if the body has high levels of insulin. Humus is also on the list of Aphrodisiacs. In stores, different manufacturers offer many varieties of hummus (different ingredients). The best, the purest (no preservatives / stabilizers) is home-cooked. Yes, it takes time, but then you know for yourself what you are putting in and you have a choice. You can change the olive oil with some other type of oil, add more garlic or exclude it as a product. You can choose a different tahini or put an avocado, red beans or whatever comes to mind. Why not? Try to perfect it to your taste. Distribute and consume with love.

Curious facts about Hummus

  • Hummus also has a movie. The movie is Australian and is called ‘Make hummus not war’, directed by Trevor Graham, and is very interesting.
“Make hummus not war”
  • Besides the movie, do you know that hummus has its own feast? Yes, International Humus Day is celebrated on May 13th. The idea was born in 2012 in Tel Aviv by Ben Lang and Miriam Young. On the holiday, people gather, eat from the delicious temptation and take part in various organized events.
  • Another interesting and curious fact is that humus has a Guinness record. This is the world record for the largest hummus dish. The record was set on May 8, 2010. Out of 300 cook students (by Al-Kafaat University (all Lebanon) in Beirut, Lebanon) and Chef Ramzi Choueiri, who created 23 040 kg. hummus.
23 040 kg Hummus


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