Beyond burger recipe

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Beyond burger recipe


Want to try vegetarian burgers made entirely from plant-based ingredients but you miss the taste of meat? Try this vegetarian recipe made with beyond meat burgers. Suitable for newly vegans.


Beyond burgers
2 burger buns
1-2 leaves of lettuce
2-3 slices of tomato
A few slices of fresh cucumber, but maybe a pickle

How to make:

1 When buying beyond meat burgers from the grocery, the packaging tells you how to cook them. You can fry them in a pan or grill them, but do not put any oil, because they are soaked in fat. You will notice that when you start cooking.

2 Fry for 3 minutes on each side. Cut the burger buns in two halves and bake until they become golden,

3 Smear the hummus through warmly buns and add all the ingredients.

VoilĂ , now you have delicious, quick and easy to make burgers with plant based meat. Consume with love!

Good to know

  • Beyond Meat Burgers are burgers made entirely with plant-based ingredients. They are frozen and easy to prepare. You may also read about the Impossible burger. These are the two largest companies offering their whole plant ingredients products on the market;
  • Who are they for? These burgers are suitable for all who like fast food, for all burger lovers and those who switch from meat eaters to fully vegan (plant based eating);
  • What should we keep in mind? These burgers reminds of the taste, texture, color of the meat. This can be felt even by the smell after opening the box and also by starting to prepare the burgers. I do not recommend them to people who do not like the taste and texture of meat, because they are made for the opposite purpose. Therefore, these burgers are suitable for people who like the taste and smell of meat;
  • My little tips to you are, if you want to try one, it won’t hurt you, but as I mentioned above if you don’t like the taste of the meat and its texture, you probably won’t like it at all.
  • Keep in mind that these burgers are not made for regular consumption.


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