Vegan Rice Paper Rolls

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Vegan Rice Paper Rolls



Rice paper
150-200g tofu
100g red kidney beans
Cabbage/lettuce 1 leaf
Onion (optional)
Sesame for sprinkling
Half a cucumber
Universal sauce
1 tbsp oil
Black pepper

How to make

1 Cut the tofu into longish and medium-thin slices.

2 In a separate bowl, set the universal sauce (or if you don’t have use soy sauce) and half a teaspoon of black pepper and oil. Put the tofu in the mixture and let it soak.

3 Fry the tofu on the frying pan until it becomes golden.

4 Prepare the other products by cutting them longish and medium-thin slices.

5 Then pour warm water into a large and wide container. Take one rice paper and dip it in to the warm water using gentle motion (for a few seconds). You will notice that the rice paper softens and unfolds and put it in your workplace (clean board).

6 Arrange the prepared products, but do not put too much.

7 When wrap keep in mind the edges. Wrap the roll well and repeat with the rest of the rice papers. Finally sprinkle with sesame seeds.

8 Wash the beans well and blend them. Use it for sauce.

VoilĂ , now you have delicious vegan rice paper rolls.

Good to know

  • The ingredients are entirely your choice and you can replace any of the ones offered here.
  • These rice rolls are perfect choice for a snack or a tasty meal if you are traveling.
  • Rice peels have very few calories and gluten-free.


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